According to a McKinsey Analysis “The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email.For the average full-time worker in America, that amounts to a staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day.

One of the reasons why it takes so much time is fishing out correct information to send and this is where we step in.We want to make it as easy as texting your friends and have thus introduced an g-suite add-on for the same.

Come on in to change your mailing experience forever with your friend Zuzu

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(A sneak peak to the Zuzu led world)

Install the Gmail Add-on for your Domain or Enable Individual Install from G-suite Marketplace

Found that complex?

No worries.Just search for “Zuzu” in the add-on section of Gmail.

Voila!There you have our add-on

However:Make sure you are logged out of all other Personal Gmail accounts before installing Gmail Add-on to your G-suite Account.

Not long before you have completed this small step Zuzu would be knocking your modern doorstep a.k.a your screen like:

Now that you have installed Zuzu let me familiarize you with it:

We organise knowledge in the form of boards. You can create boards based on multitude of topics e.g. Sales FAQs and share the same with your teams.

( You can always find us at: ;) )

You can add these Knowledge Cards/FAQs manually or from various CRM sources and share these boards with team/domain: 

The Admin of the account shares Knowledge Boards with everyone in Domain or to Team from Web Application.

Let us get into how we recommend content:

We realized that your emails are a valuable store of information hence derive insights from it to provide you information based on things like customer queries or topics in the email to reps.

Let’s understand it better with an example 

Imagine you receive a question from some customer about server location in Email.In absence of Zuzu you would have to toil for a lot of time looking into your company knowledge-base for this tiny piece of information but now with Zuzu you just need to follow these few simple steps:

1. Open Zuzu Gmail Add-on in-context with Email with Question Received. Click on Content Recommendation Tab in Gmail Add-on 

2.We get you a  list of Recommendations based on Question in Email from Knowledge Bases shared with you by the Organization.

3.You can view details of each Recommendation by clicking the DETAILS button. 

4.You can further create a Draft  by clicking on the REPLY button.

But this is not all.Let me tell you how we can make it easier.

Let us add some Knowledge to the knowledge board:

1. Open Gmail Add-on in-context with Email and Click on ‘Add Knowledge’ tab on Zuzu Gmail Add-on

2.You can select board e.g. Product FAQs.The content will be pre-populated based on email context. On the click of the submit button the knowledge would be added to the Knowledge Board you select.

Did not exactly get what you were looking for?

Do not worry.You still have the capability to look up for knowledge by searching all or specific knowledge boards in the organization.

On one click of SEARCH button we present to you all the knowledge the boards have to offer

We understand how you want all information on your fingertips and thus bring Zuzu to your phone via Gmail Mobile application with few added quick actions to make things quicker and save your time

Hope to see you switch to Zuzu soon.Good Luck :)