We realized that your emails are a valuable store of information hence derive insights from it to provide you information based on things like customer queries or topics in the email to reps.

Let’s understand it better with an example :

Imagine you receive a request from some colleague about an important document in Email.In absence of Zuzu you would have to toil for a lot of time looking into your company knowledge-base for this tiny piece of information but now with Zuzu you just need to follow these few simple steps: 

1. Open Zuzu Gmail Add-on in-context with Email with Question Received. Click on Content Recommendation Tab in Gmail Add-on  

2.We get you a  list of Recommendations based on Question in Email from Knowledge Bases shared with you by the Organization. 

3.You can view details of each Recommendation by clicking the DETAILS button. 
4.You can further create a Draft  by clicking on the REPLY button. 

Easy right?!

But you must be wondering how to add extra details/knowledge to the system and personalize it.Hop over to how to add knowledge to know more.